Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Alabama, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 32.3182314, Longitude: -86.902298


Matches 1 to 412 of 412

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adaline M  2 Dec 1831Alabama, USA I1711
2 Bernice  Abt 1919Alabama, USA I7696
3 Effie  Abt 1892Alabama, USA I4257
4 Ella Iora  1884Alabama, USA I9468
5 Ethel V  Abt 1899Alabama, USA I12000
6 Lula  Abt 1884Alabama, USA I10519
7 Mary A  Abt 1911Alabama, USA I14843
8 Mary E  May 1856Alabama, USA I7153
9 Mary I  Dec 1823Alabama, USA I10665
10 Mollie  Mar 1882Alabama, USA I10459
11 Rosaline B  Abt 1889Alabama, USA I9471
12 Ruley  Abt 1889Alabama, USA I7740
13 Thelma J  4 Oct 1904Alabama, USA I13673
14 ADAMS, Thomas Lewis  22 Oct 1855Alabama, USA I10448
15 ADKINS, William Rufus  Alabama, USA I9918
16 ALEXANDER, Frances P  Abt 1845Alabama, USA I9420
17 ALEXANDER, Martha M  1850Alabama, USA I3716
18 ALLEN, Susie L  10 Mar 1884Alabama, USA I10460
19 ANDREWS, Elizabeth Frances  1840Alabama, USA I11982
20 ATKINS, Clarance J  Jan 1892Alabama, USA I10406
21 ATKINS, Josie Lee  6 Feb 1888Alabama, USA I10405
22 ATKINS, Lizzie N  Jan 1894Alabama, USA I10407
23 ATKINS, Nathan W  Feb 1885Alabama, USA I10404
24 ATKINS, Walter P  Oct 1880Alabama, USA I10402
25 ATKINS, Willie B  Jul 1882Alabama, USA I10403
26 BAKER, W F  Alabama, USA I4113
27 BALLARD, William G  Nov 1882Alabama, USA I3222
28 BARNES, Elsa Ann Elizabeth  1819Alabama, USA I11044
29 BARNETT, Ann Elizabeth  1847Alabama, USA I4953
30 BASS, Hattie I  Feb 1875Alabama, USA I13887
31 BEALL, Laura Exa  15 May 1874Alabama, USA I3878
32 BEARD, James Quintus  13 Jan 1873Alabama, USA I3084
33 BEASON, William J  May 1874Alabama, USA I10667
34 BLACK, Mary Elizabeth  Alabama, USA I7774
35 BOATMAN, Jim  Alabama, USA I11484
36 BOLES, Calvin Ross  Jul 1854Alabama, USA I5626
37 BOLES, Daniel M  20 Mar 1858Alabama, USA I5633
38 BOLES, Emma  Abt 1870Alabama, USA I12088
39 BOLES, John C  Dec 1834Alabama, USA I11467
40 BOLES, Joseph  Abt 1862Alabama, USA I12087
41 BOLES, Marion C  Jun 1859Alabama, USA I12084
42 BOLES, Nancy Camilla  11 Dec 1852Alabama, USA I5632
43 BOLES, Raymond E  4 Jul 1895Alabama, USA I10504
44 BOLES, Robbie L  Abt 1916Alabama, USA I12094
45 BOLES, Sam Walker  Oct 1872Alabama, USA I12085
46 BOLES, Terrell Martin  7 Oct 1870Alabama, USA I11985
47 BOLES, William Clayton  26 Nov 1850Alabama, USA I5631
48 BOLES, William J  Oct 1866Alabama, USA I12086
49 BOSZER, Eliza  Alabama, USA I4526
50 BOYD, Carrie Elizabeth  6 Feb 1845Alabama, USA I13627
51 BOYD, Earl Charles  22 Mar 1888Alabama, USA I3962
52 BRAMBLETT, Johnny Lewis  1 May 1884Alabama, USA I5169
53 BRAZELL, Netie Ann  12 Sep 1873Alabama, USA I15733
54 BRIDWELL, W A  Alabama, USA I6938
55 BRIDWELL, William Sanford  28 May 1848Alabama, USA I5639
56 BRINSON, Adam John  30 Aug 1827Alabama, USA I5092
57 BRINSON, Jane  1835Alabama, USA I5095
58 BRINSON, Matthew Jackson  18 Jan 1826Alabama, USA I5084
59 BRINSON, Nancy  1832Alabama, USA I5094
60 BROWNING, Nadie Clementine  27 Apr 1854Alabama, USA I10492
61 BROWNING, Wuanettia  Abt 1905Alabama, USA I13902
62 BRYAN, Fannie M  Alabama, USA I4114
63 BRYANT, Tom W  28 Mar 1903Alabama, USA I14837
64 BURFORD, Caroline  Alabama, USA I4892
65 BURFORD, Eliza S  4 Oct 1829Alabama, USA I4889
66 BURFORD, Elizabeth  Alabama, USA I4890
67 BURFORD, Frances Elizabeth  1839Alabama, USA I4893
68 BURFORD, James H  Abt 1826Alabama, USA I4882
69 BURFORD, John Wesley  Alabama, USA I4886
70 BURFORD, Letitia  Alabama, USA I4883
71 BURFORD, Louise H  Alabama, USA I4891
72 BURFORD, Margaret  Alabama, USA I4884
73 BURFORD, Margaret Amanda  11 Aug 1838Alabama, USA I7643
74 BURFORD, Margaret Virginia  1843Alabama, USA I4895
75 BURFORD, Martha Emeline  1845Alabama, USA I4896
76 BURFORD, Mary Jane  Alabama, USA I4888
77 BURFORD, Rhoda Ann  Alabama, USA I4887
78 BURFORD, Sarah Malissa  27 Dec 1842Alabama, USA I5107
79 BURFORD, Thomas Fletcher  22 Aug 1837Alabama, USA I4876
80 BYERS, John Alemuth  1 Jan 1836Alabama, USA I500
81 BYERS, Mary Jane  19 Apr 1838Alabama, USA I501
82 CARLISLE, William Alex  Mar 1859Alabama, USA I11301
83 CARTER, Fred  Feb 1834Alabama, USA I10970
84 CARTER, Victoria  5 Sep 1855Alabama, USA I4659
85 CHANCY, William Cecil  13 May 1906Alabama, USA I2678
86 CHESHIRE, Bob  Alabama, USA I7585
87 CLEMENTS, E  Abt 1840Alabama, USA I8277
88 CLEMENTS, J  Abt 1847Alabama, USA I8281
89 CLEMENTS, L  Abt 1845Alabama, USA I8280
90 CLEMENTS, V  Abt 1843Alabama, USA I8279
91 CLEMENTS, Zadock  Abt 1841Alabama, USA I8278
92 COLE  Alabama, USA I8605
93 COLLINS, Liceity  Alabama, USA I5322
94 COOK, Jasper  Alabama, USA I11037
95 COOK, Mary  Feb 1875Alabama, USA I10272
96 COOPER, Lafayette F  22 Nov 1859Alabama, USA I8692
97 COSPER, Annie  Aug 1891Alabama, USA I7156
98 COSPER, Benjamin Franklin  3 Apr 1855Alabama, USA I7143
99 COSPER, Bernard Bee  15 Sep 1861Alabama, USA I7144
100 COSPER, Carrie  Abt 1902Alabama, USA I14888
101 COSPER, Earl  Sep 1893Alabama, USA I7157
102 COSPER, Eliza  Abt 1846Alabama, USA I7133
103 COSPER, Eula M  Nov 1895Alabama, USA I4247
104 COSPER, George  Abt 1843Alabama, USA I7136
105 COSPER, George  Abt 1844Alabama, USA I7132
106 COSPER, Harriet  Abt 1843Alabama, USA I7131
107 COSPER, Iza  Jan 1897Alabama, USA I7158
108 COSPER, Iza A  Dec 1880Alabama, USA I4246
109 COSPER, J I  Abt 1853Alabama, USA I7145
110 COSPER, James  Abt 1845Alabama, USA I7137
111 COSPER, James  Abt 1848Alabama, USA I7134
112 COSPER, Lottie  Sep 1897Alabama, USA I7154
113 COSPER, Luda Estelle  12 Apr 1899Alabama, USA I7159
114 COSPER, Martha  Abt 1841Alabama, USA I7130
115 COSPER, Mary  Abt 1849Alabama, USA I7138
116 COSPER, Mary Elizabeth  17 Mar 1848Alabama, USA I7140
117 COSPER, Milton G  29 Oct 1849Alabama, USA I7141
118 COSPER, Nina  Abt 1909Alabama, USA I14889
119 COSPER, Roberta E  Abt 1859Alabama, USA I7146
120 COX, James R  Dec 1885Alabama, USA I12097
121 COX, James Sebran  22 Nov 1861Alabama, USA I10464
122 COX, William Clifton  16 Jul 1888Alabama, USA I12098
123 CRAWFORD, Richard Lee  3 Jul 1856Alabama, USA I13268
124 CRIM, William Edward  6 Jan 1857Alabama, USA I5338
125 CROFT, George Washington  28 Mar 1824Alabama, USA I9784
126 CULVER, Effie Estelle  15 Dec 1873Alabama, USA I9539
127 DALE, William  Alabama, USA I4525
128 DAVISON, Minnie Elizabeth  29 May 1890Alabama, USA I15071
129 DITTO, Abner J  Abt 1851Alabama, USA I4959
130 DITTO, Caria A  Abt 1853Alabama, USA I4960
131 DITTO, Catherine  Abt 1860Alabama, USA I4964
132 DITTO, Cordelia  11 Mar 1853Alabama, USA I4967
133 DITTO, Eli B  Abt 1829Alabama, USA I4932
134 DITTO, Eliza  27 Nov 1819Alabama, USA I4931
135 DITTO, Eliza C  Abt 1849Alabama, USA I4958
136 DITTO, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Alabama, USA I4934
137 DITTO, Florence Virginia  19 Aug 1875Alabama, USA I5317
138 DITTO, John  Abt 1859Alabama, USA I4969
139 DITTO, John Burford  1864Alabama, USA I5316
140 DITTO, John T  Abt 1856Alabama, USA I4962
141 DITTO, John W  30 Apr 1836Alabama, USA I4935
142 DITTO, Joseph Johnson  31 Jan 1865Alabama, USA I5051
143 DITTO, Joshua S  5 Feb 1826Alabama, USA I4928
144 DITTO, M M Dena  Abt 1859Alabama, USA I5319
145 DITTO, Margaret  Abt 1855Alabama, USA I4961
146 DITTO, Margaret E  Abt 1853Alabama, USA I5318
147 DITTO, Martha J  Abt 1859Alabama, USA I4963
148 DITTO, Robert Lee  Jan 1866Alabama, USA I5315
149 DITTO, Sallie  Abt 1856Alabama, USA I4968
150 DITTO, Sarah J  Abt 1839Alabama, USA I4936
151 DITTO, Thomas Benton  Jan 1842Alabama, USA I4937
152 DITTO, Webster  Dec 1850Alabama, USA I4966
153 DOUGHTIE, Caroline  Alabama, USA I6939
154 DUDLEY, Rebecca Amanda  Nov 1829Alabama, USA I11883
155 DUFFY, Ollie  Abt 1890Alabama, USA I7736
156 ECHOLS, Eulah E  9 Jun 1879Alabama, USA I10438
157 EDMONDSON, Alice Victoria  Alabama, USA I4827
158 EDWARDS, Eugene Gibson  Dec 1870Alabama, USA I10242
159 EDWARDS, Eugenia  Abt 1906Alabama, USA I10245
160 EDWARDS, Raymond  Abt 1902Alabama, USA I10244
161 EDWARDS, Samuel  Abt 1910Alabama, USA I10246
162 FAULKNER, Larkin C  24 Nov 1846Alabama, USA I4415
163 FEEMSTER, A B  Alabama, USA I5321
164 FOSTER, Martha A  5 Aug 1841Alabama, USA I14010
165 FREEMAN, LaUna  14 Sep 1903Alabama, USA I15548
166 FRY, Wilbourne H  25 Jun 1816Alabama, USA I4940
167 GILES, James Albert  18 Dec 1874Alabama, USA I3211
168 GILES, John Albert  21 Jun 1848Alabama, USA I3217
169 GILLESPIE, Carolyn  Abt 1853Alabama, USA I13814
170 GILLESPIE, Charles S  1849Alabama, USA I13812
171 GILLESPIE, Clayton Crawford Jr  Abt 1851Alabama, USA I13813
172 GILLESPIE, Louise  Abt 1904Alabama, USA I13896
173 GILLESPIE, Margaret  Abt 1906Alabama, USA I13897
174 GILLESPIE, Mary Ruteria  14 Jun 1897Alabama, USA I13894
175 GILLESPIE, Thomas Hiram  8 Sep 1899Alabama, USA I13895
176 GLOVER, Garrett  Alabama, USA I3368
177 GLOVER, Mary Ann McDonald  13 Aug 1829Alabama, USA I3367
178 GORDAN, Alex  Mar 1861Alabama, USA I8486
179 GRACE, Emily  Abt 1836Alabama, USA I10971
180 GRAHAM, Eula Zelma  Abt 1886Alabama, USA I15749
181 GRAY, Mary Jane  6 Mar 1837Alabama, USA I10471
182 GREEN, William M  5 Mar 1836Alabama, USA I11067
183 GREENWOOD, Sarah A  11 Jul 1839Alabama, USA I4010
184 GRIFFIN, Caroline  Abt 1839Alabama, USA I7896
185 GRIFFIN, Emily F  Abt 1848Alabama, USA I7893
186 GRIFFIN, James K P  Abt 1846Alabama, USA I7892
187 GRIFFIN, Martha  Abt 1842Alabama, USA I7897
188 GRIFFIN, Narcissa  Abt 1832Alabama, USA I7894
189 GRIFFIN, Susan  Abt 1834Alabama, USA I7895
190 HALL  Alabama, USA I9756
191 HARREST, Lucy Ann  1835Alabama, USA I10850
192 HARRIS, Mary  Abt 1839Alabama, USA I10523
193 HARRIS, Phillip Harold  13 Jun 1861Alabama, USA I4915
194 HARRISON, I H  12 Sep 1840Alabama, USA I9895
195 HARTT, Nancy  Alabama, USA I11485
196 HARTT, William Jackson  2 Jul 1841Alabama, USA I14009
197 HAUCHE, Eliza  Alabama, USA I7587
198 HEDRICK, Paul Scott Jr  25 Dec 1914Alabama, USA I13312
199 HINES, Melville L  27 Apr 1847Alabama, USA I11482
200 HOLTZCLAW, Dolly  Alabama, USA I9755
201 HONEYCUTT, Rosanna  Alabama, USA I9912
202 HUFF, Lena Rivers  Jun 1875Alabama, USA I13681
203 HUGHES, Nancy Hamlin  1885Alabama, USA I10432
204 HUGHES, Needham K  10 Oct 1836Alabama, USA I7733
205 HUGHES, Nettie V  31 Jan 1874Alabama, USA I6466
206 HUMPHRIES, Susan Loyal  4 Oct 1846Alabama, USA I13598
207 INGRAM, Benjamin F  Abt 1841Alabama, USA I9419
208 JACKS, Alonzo  Apr 1856Alabama, USA I11449
209 JACKSON, Corzor Eveline  1847Alabama, USA I3985
210 JAMES, Cathryn  Alabama, USA I7879
211 JOHNSON, Benjamin Hawkins  1837Alabama, USA I5375
212 JOHNSON, Ditha  1830Alabama, USA I5404
213 JOHNSON, Elizabeth Reid  22 Sep 1838Alabama, USA I5376
214 JOHNSON, Louisa H  9 Jan 1831Alabama, USA I5085
215 JOHNSON, Thomas D  1812Alabama, USA I5359
216 JONES, Charles  Alabama, USA I1558
217 JONES, Charles H  19 May 1850Alabama, USA I1218
218 KEENER, Laura A  18 Jan 1844Alabama, USA I9762
219 KELLY, Richard B  Abt 1820Alabama, USA I3048
220 KEYS, William Allen Sr  3 Nov 1873Alabama, USA I15539
221 KINDRED, Charles Deleon  25 Feb 1867Alabama, USA I6297
222 KINDRED, Frank  Alabama, USA I7469
223 KIRK, Spencer Grant  22 Nov 1868Alabama, USA I12188
224 KOEN  Alabama, USA I8604
225 KOEN, Leona  14 Nov 1871Alabama, USA I8598
226 LACEY, Margaret Rebecca  11 Apr 1858Alabama, USA I8058
227 LACEY, Martha Ann  15 Jan 1863Alabama, USA I8055
228 LACEY, Thomas Reuben  29 Apr 1851Alabama, USA I8056
229 LAMBERTH, Dana  22 Mar 1884Alabama, USA I15448
230 LAMBERTH, John Sanford  30 Sep 1877Alabama, USA I15445
231 LAMBERTH, Sallie  21 Apr 1881Alabama, USA I15447
232 LANDRUM, Thomas Edward  Jul 1863Alabama, USA I15732
233 LAW, Eliza Jane  Abt 1840Alabama, USA I8484
234 LAW, Elizabeth  Abt 1837Alabama, USA I8483
235 LAW, Payton J  Abt 1842Alabama, USA I8485
236 LAWRENCE, George  Alabama, USA I10914
237 LEWIS, Savannah Jane  3 Nov 1853Alabama, USA I3218
238 LINN, John M  Abt 1870Alabama, USA I7900
239 LINN, Myra A  Abt 1861Alabama, USA I7899
240 LLOYD, Thomas Jefferson  28 Nov 1861Alabama, USA I14348
241 LUNSFORD, James Allen  22 Mar 1866Alabama, USA I6772
242 LYNN, Nora Edelia  25 Jul 1881Alabama, USA I10511
243 MAXSON, Stanley Wallace  16 Jul 1919Alabama, USA I13899
244 MAY, Monroe Calvin  27 Jan 1899Alabama, USA I14835
245 MAY, Sara Ruth  5 Sep 1926Alabama, USA I14836
246 MCCASKELL, Margaret E  9 Oct 1840Alabama, USA I3822
247 MCLEMORE, James S  1837Alabama, USA I5392
248 MCLEMORE, Matthew William  25 Oct 1835Alabama, USA I5391
249 MCNAIR, Ann E  Abt 1873Alabama, USA I7564
250 MCNAIR, Archoble Fairley  5 Apr 1874Alabama, USA I3820
251 MCNAIR, Asa Edmond  16 Jun 1882Alabama, USA I7752
252 MCNAIR, Daniel G  22 Jan 1870Alabama, USA I7563
253 MCNAIR, John Murdock  15 Nov 1876Alabama, USA I7550
254 MCNAIR, Lissie Cy  10 Jan 1881Alabama, USA I7464
255 MCNAIR, Nancy M  Abt 1860Alabama, USA I7565
256 MEEK, Allen W  Jun 1899Alabama, USA I10268
257 MEEK, Robert Oscar  Jan 1868Alabama, USA I10267
258 MENEFEE, Albert O Sr  11 Mar 1865Alabama, USA I9769
259 MENEFEE, Leola A  Abt 1863Alabama, USA I10646
260 MIZE, Mary Frances  26 Jul 1854Alabama, USA I4701
261 MOORE, Adrian D  Oct 1888Alabama, USA I10662
262 MOORE, Lina Tate  Sep 1891Alabama, USA I10663
263 MOORE, Lois C  Jan 1894Alabama, USA I10664
264 MOORE, Orlean J  Sep 1879Alabama, USA I10661
265 MOORE, William D  Jul 1848Alabama, USA I10654
266 MORGAN, Edward Joseph  1862Alabama, USA I5013
267 NAIL, Arthur  Sep 1892Alabama, USA I7883
268 NAIL, Claude  Oct 1889Alabama, USA I7882
269 NAIL, Elizabeth  Jan 1886Alabama, USA I7881
270 NAIL, Erskine  Jan 1899Alabama, USA I7885
271 NAIL, Julian  18 Jan 1849Alabama, USA I5325
272 NAIL, Luke  Alabama, USA I7878
273 NAIL, Mabry  Aft 1880Alabama, USA I7877
274 NAIL, Margaret P  Abt 1876Alabama, USA I7875
275 NAIL, Maude  May 1896Alabama, USA I7884
276 NAIL, Philip B  Abt Aug 1879Alabama, USA I7876
277 NAIL, Sterling  Jan 1899Alabama, USA I7886
278 NORTHERN, Annie Jo  Abt Sep 1898Alabama, USA I10444
279 NORTHERN, Arthur Claude  Abt Nov 1896Alabama, USA I10443
280 NUNN, Anne Katherine  24 Feb 1908Alabama, USA I10462
281 NUNN, Annie R  May 1885Alabama, USA I10458
282 NUNN, Augustus H  26 Dec 1872Alabama, USA I10456
283 NUNN, George Gillis  Feb 1883Alabama, USA I10453
284 NUNN, George Virgil  14 Aug 1910Alabama, USA I12102
285 NUNN, James C  Jan 1879Alabama, USA I10451
286 NUNN, James H  Abt 1908Alabama, USA I12100
287 NUNN, Mattie E  1875Alabama, USA I10457
288 NUNN, Mildred  Abt 1917Alabama, USA I12101
289 NUNN, Robert Howard  2 Feb 1881Alabama, USA I10452
290 NUNN, Willie G  Abt 1905Alabama, USA I12099
291 OLIVER, J A  Alabama, USA I4471
292 PAGE, Lillie Beaufort  9 Jul 1886Alabama, USA I10469
293 PARKER, Beulah Ann  27 Jun 1889Alabama, USA I11664
294 PARRISH, Lula Mae  9 Aug 1892Alabama, USA I11417
295 PATTERSON, Berryman Cicero Holt  Abt 1842Alabama, USA I5369
296 PATTERSON, Macon G  7 May 1889Alabama, USA I13318
297 PATTERSON, Middleton Tate  7 Jan 1838Alabama, USA I5367
298 PATTERSON, Robert L  20 Oct 1839Alabama, USA I5368
299 PATTERSON, Tom W  Abt 1844Alabama, USA I3496
300 PATTERSON, William  Abt 1845Alabama, USA I5370
301 PATTILLO, Alice E  22 Aug 1891Alabama, USA I13682
302 PATTILLO, Allan  Abt 1923Alabama, USA I13693
303 PATTILLO, Alma  8 Jan 1895Alabama, USA I13683
304 PATTILLO, Andrew Jackson  30 Mar 1893Alabama, USA I13689
305 PATTILLO, Annie Katherine  Abt Nov 1908Alabama, USA I10441
306 PATTILLO, Dona J  Abt 1914Alabama, USA I10526
307 PATTILLO, Eddy E  Abt 1910Alabama, USA I10525
308 PATTILLO, Elizabeth Hamil  23 Oct 1844Alabama, USA I10411
309 PATTILLO, Ella  Abt 1889Alabama, USA I10500
310 PATTILLO, Emeline  Jun 1861Alabama, USA I10486
311 PATTILLO, Francis Amos  15 Mar 1856Alabama, USA I10483
312 PATTILLO, Francis Marion  Abt 1825Alabama, USA I10365
313 PATTILLO, George W  Abt 1910Alabama, USA I10520
314 PATTILLO, Grace  Abt 1917Alabama, USA I13692
315 PATTILLO, Harriet Ann Amelia  24 Jul 1842Alabama, USA I10410
316 PATTILLO, Helen Claude  25 Mar 1876Alabama, USA I10428
317 PATTILLO, Jack Henderson Sr  24 Aug 1872Alabama, USA I10489
318 PATTILLO, James O  Aug 1892Alabama, USA I13670
319 PATTILLO, Jessie  9 Dec 1895Alabama, USA I10503
320 PATTILLO, Joe Winston  28 May 1924Alabama, USA I13674
321 PATTILLO, John David  2 Jul 1915Alabama, USA I13691
322 PATTILLO, Joseph Green  Abt 1840Alabama, USA I10474
323 PATTILLO, Lewis Carl  1 Sep 1903Alabama, USA I10440
324 PATTILLO, Lottie Adeline  Jan 1868Alabama, USA I10488
325 PATTILLO, Luman Percival  22 Feb 1880Alabama, USA I10495
326 PATTILLO, Luther  Abt 1919Alabama, USA I10528
327 PATTILLO, Martha Rebecca  3 Mar 1846Alabama, USA I10412
328 PATTILLO, Mary Cole  18 Apr 1872Alabama, USA I10426
329 PATTILLO, Mary Frances  26 Mar 1867Alabama, USA I13509
330 PATTILLO, Miller  Dec 1897Alabama, USA I13684
331 PATTILLO, Mollie  18 Mar 1882Alabama, USA I10496
332 PATTILLO, Nathan Allen  7 Nov 1867Alabama, USA I10415
333 PATTILLO, Oscar Browning  Abt Apr 1885Alabama, USA I10497
334 PATTILLO, Pierce  25 Jan 1874Alabama, USA I10427
335 PATTILLO, Quintis Frank  26 Jun 1891Alabama, USA I10501
336 PATTILLO, Robertson  Abt 1926Alabama, USA I13694
337 PATTILLO, Ruby  Abt Dec 1887Alabama, USA I10499
338 PATTILLO, Sallie Willie  30 Jun 1879Alabama, USA I10429
339 PATTILLO, Susie Winfield  9 Apr 1864Alabama, USA I10414
340 PATTILLO, Ted  23 Apr 1928Alabama, USA I13695
341 PATTILLO, Terrell L  21 Aug 1886Alabama, USA I10498
342 PATTILLO, Viola  Abt 1915Alabama, USA I10521
343 PATTILLO, Wesley Allen  17 Feb 1883Alabama, USA I10430
344 PATTILLO, William David  15 Sep 1852Alabama, USA I10481
345 PATTILLO, William Holland  11 Nov 1877Alabama, USA I10493
346 PATTILLO, William L  Abt 1916Alabama, USA I10527
347 PATTILLO, Willie B  Abt 1901Alabama, USA I14842
348 PENICK, Harry H  Abt 1901Alabama, USA I10277
349 PENICK, Lola M  Abt 1903Alabama, USA I10278
350 PENICK, Margaret  Apr 1899Alabama, USA I10281
351 PENICK, Marjorie B  Abt 1905Alabama, USA I10279
352 PENICK, Mary  May 1896Alabama, USA I10280
353 PENICK, Robert W  26 Jun 1899Alabama, USA I10276
354 PIERCE, Elizabeth J  1832Alabama, USA I3700
355 POOL, Phillip H  25 May 1866Alabama, USA I11522
356 POOL, William Thomas  7 Sep 1847Alabama, USA I8501
357 PRICE, Susan Rebecca  27 Dec 1825Alabama, USA I4488
358 PRUETT, Arch Marion  23 Sep 1879Alabama, USA I7856
359 PRUETT, Mack David  1 May 1875Alabama, USA I7834
360 RAINBOLT, William Harrison  30 Jun 1813Alabama, USA I6569
361 RAMSEY, Rebecca Caroline  25 Jun 1841Alabama, USA I9899
362 REYNOLDS, Ella A  Abt 1864Alabama, USA I10271
363 RICHARDSON, Everett Edward  3 May 1842Alabama, USA I5923
364 RICKS, Pheruby E  26 Dec 1865Alabama, USA I13669
365 RIDDLE, David  Alabama, USA I10965
366 ROACH, M J  Alabama, USA I9911
367 ROBERTSON, Nannie Mae  14 Sep 1894Alabama, USA I13690
368 ROPER, Malinda  Abt 1834Alabama, USA I7706
369 ROSE, James Preston  8 Nov 1843Alabama, USA I4976
370 ROWELL, Willie Lou  24 Mar 1879Alabama, USA I10463
371 SAMUEL, Emma A  Nov 1871Alabama, USA I10241
372 SAMUEL, John  Abt 1870Alabama, USA I10240
373 SAMUEL, Rosa Elizabeth  Feb 1869Alabama, USA I10239
374 SANFORD, Margaret Sophia  8 May 1841Alabama, USA I15697
375 SCOTT, W C  Alabama, USA I3522
376 SCOTT-DEVEREUX, Antoinette  1 May 1840Alabama, USA I3691
377 SEALE, John Wilson  Abt 1833Alabama, USA I10992
378 SHOTWELL, A L  Abt 1838Alabama, USA I3871
379 SKELTON, Margaret Amanda  Alabama, USA I4472
380 SLAUGHTER, Cornelius W  1845Alabama, USA I11890
381 SMITH, Martha L  12 Aug 1827Alabama, USA I5481
382 SPIVEY, Annialee Nora  1 Oct 1892Alabama, USA I3834
383 SPIVEY, Carrie  Jan 1894Alabama, USA I7749
384 SPIVEY, Elisha  Alabama, USA I7586
385 SPIVEY, James Ferdinand  2 Jan 1859Alabama, USA I7583
386 SPIVEY, John Martin  18 Nov 1898Alabama, USA I7575
387 SPIVEY, Mattie  Feb 1895Alabama, USA I7750
388 SPIVEY, Samuel  Mar 1836Alabama, USA I15696
389 STANLEY, Berilla  Abt 1861Alabama, USA I15421
390 STANLEY, Susan C  Abt 1856Alabama, USA I15419
391 STEWARD, Charles W  Abt 1896Alabama, USA I11999
392 STRONG, Walter C  25 Nov 1869Alabama, USA I6922
393 SULLIVAN, Alfred Timmons  18 Oct 1908Alabama, USA I15736
394 TANNER, William T  Abt 1855Alabama, USA I12093
395 THOMAS, John W  15 Sep 1887Alabama, USA I2802
396 THOMAS, Mary E  29 Oct 1869Alabama, USA I5052
397 TINKLE, Frank  Abt 1852Alabama, USA I15012
398 TINKLE, Joseph  Abt 1850Alabama, USA I15011
399 TINKLE, Samuel S  14 Apr 1855Alabama, USA I15013
400 TREADWAY, F Mage  Sep 1856Alabama, USA I4700
401 TURNER, Hiram Hood  Mar 1870Alabama, USA I3739
402 WARLOW, Nancy  Alabama, USA I3369
403 WAY-DEVEREUX, Julien Sidney Jr  1842Alabama, USA I11121
404 WEBB, Casner P  1829Alabama, USA I7440
405 WEBSTER, Martha  Alabama, USA I9497
406 WHITE, Ellen  Sep 1869Alabama, USA I7880
407 WILLIAMS, Anne Belle  8 Nov 1880Alabama, USA I15691
408 WITHINGTON, Kenneth  26 Nov 1909Alabama, USA I10470
409 WRIGHT, Grace Evelyn  23 Apr 1906Alabama, USA I15707
410 WRIGHT, Lawton  Abt 1909Alabama, USA I15750
411 YOUNG, James Preston B  14 Oct 1855Alabama, USA I10726
412 YOUNG, John H  13 Apr 1825Alabama, USA I10849


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Rebecca Garland  18 Feb 1910Alabama, USA I1438
2 BOLES, Raymond E  11 Apr 1938Alabama, USA I10504
3 BONNER, Larkin  1879Alabama, USA I8211
4 BONNER, Thomas  Aft 1865Alabama, USA I8342
5 DITTO, John Burford  1864Alabama, USA I5316
6 HAWKINS, Rhoda  Abt 1839Alabama, USA I5104
7 LAMBERTH, Sarah Jane  12 Aug 1906Alabama, USA I15390
8 LYNN, Nora Edelia  29 Feb 1956Alabama, USA I10511
9 PATTILLO, Jessie  14 Apr 1962Alabama, USA I10503
10 RICKS, Pheruby E  26 Jan 1919Alabama, USA I13669
11 SAMUEL, William Robert  1872Alabama, USA I10237


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / NEAL  9 Oct 1857Alabama, USA F210
2 BOLES / PATTILLO  22 Feb 1914Alabama, USA F3713
3 BRINSON / CARRIGAN  Abt 1825Alabama, USA F1774
4 JOHNSON / PARKER  Abt 1830Alabama, USA F1778
5 PATTILLO / COLE  16 Jul 1867Alabama, USA F3687