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Mississippi, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 32.3546679, Longitude: -89.3985283


Matches 1 to 168 of 168

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Minnie L  29 Feb 1856Mississippi, USA I1718
2 Nannie E  Jul 1842Mississippi, USA I1176
3 ALEXANDER, W W  Mar 1855Mississippi, USA I1608
4 ALLRED, Albert H  20 Sep 1863Mississippi, USA I15465
5 ALLRED, William M  Nov 1860Mississippi, USA I15466
6 AMOS, Kiula  2 Jun 1880Mississippi, USA I14721
7 ANDERSON, Emma Bell  19 Sep 1887Mississippi, USA I5520
8 ANDERSON, Martha  10 May 1853Mississippi, USA I9930
9 ASH, James Franklin  Mississippi, USA I7773
10 ASLEY, Susan  Mississippi, USA I9531
11 BARRETT, Daughter  Between 1835-1838Mississippi, USA I11060
12 BARRETT, Elisha Miller  5 Apr 1847Mississippi, USA I3041
13 BARRETT, Elizabeth  Mar 1839Mississippi, USA I11061
14 BARRETT, Jefferson William  Oct 1843Mississippi, USA I5672
15 BECKERDITE, Caroline A  24 Mar 1843Mississippi, USA I1219
16 BECKERDITE, Elisabeth  Abt 1852Mississippi, USA I1563
17 BECKERDITE, John  Abt 1855Mississippi, USA I1564
18 BENNETT, George Kennard  24 Mar 1851Mississippi, USA I2837
19 BENNETT, Henry S  Abt 1909Mississippi, USA I1202
20 BENNETT, Ruth A  Abt 1905Mississippi, USA I1201
21 BRAME, Zoe M  13 Sep 1878Mississippi, USA I14751
22 BRIDGERS, Olivia Elizabeth  Jan 1851Mississippi, USA I4797
23 BRIGHT, James M  Abt 1861Mississippi, USA I15048
24 BROWN, Sallie Polk  16 Oct 1847Mississippi, USA I3870
25 BYERS, Arthur Willis  29 Jan 1882Mississippi, USA I504
26 BYERS, Charles Grady  8 Jun 1890Mississippi, USA I508
27 BYERS, Charles Grady Jr  4 Jun 1919Mississippi, USA I12945
28 BYERS, Charlotte Medora  24 Feb 1886Mississippi, USA I506
29 BYERS, Christine  13 Oct 1908Mississippi, USA I512
30 BYERS, Edward Gordon  13 Aug 1816Mississippi, USA I465
31 BYERS, Edward Gordon  19 Apr 1886Mississippi, USA I561
32 BYERS, Edward Strong  2 Dec 1851Mississippi, USA I495
33 BYERS, Ellen  24 Apr 1922Mississippi, USA I15500
34 BYERS, Grace  12 Dec 1878Mississippi, USA I557
35 BYERS, Hazel  13 Jul 1910Mississippi, USA I513
36 BYERS, Helen F  12 Mar 1881Mississippi, USA I571
37 BYERS, Henry Walton  27 Oct 1849Mississippi, USA I493
38 BYERS, Henry Walton Jr  12 Jun 1880Mississippi, USA I503
39 BYERS, Howard Faulkner  17 Jul 1878Mississippi, USA I502
40 BYERS, Julia Mae  16 Sep 1898Mississippi, USA I510
41 BYERS, Kenneth  Abt 1923Mississippi, USA I12946
42 BYERS, Maude A  Abt 1875Mississippi, USA I554
43 BYERS, O. Blanche  6 Feb 1877Mississippi, USA I307
44 BYERS, Russell Egbert  7 Oct 1875Mississippi, USA I555
45 Campbell, Emmie  1882Mississippi, USA I14740
46 CLOUD, James LaFayette  13 Jan 1882Mississippi, USA I5519
47 COLLIER, Lucinda Selina  24 Dec 1846Mississippi, USA I3094
48 COLLINS, Henry Dotson Jr  May 1850Mississippi, USA I15536
49 COOPER, Colon Elizabeth  17 Mar 1849Mississippi, USA I11009
50 COOPER, Eliza J  16 Feb 1852Mississippi, USA I13255
51 COOPER, John German  2 Dec 1857Mississippi, USA I13258
52 COOPER, Joseph Hamilton  24 Jan 1854Mississippi, USA I13256
53 COOPER, Mary Ellen  27 Jan 1856Mississippi, USA I13257
54 COOPER, Sarah E  Abt 1862Mississippi, USA I13260
55 COOPER, William A  9 Dec 1859Mississippi, USA I13259
56 COOPER, William Hamilton  28 Dec 1816Mississippi, USA I11699
57 CRAIN, Martin  Mississippi, USA I7798
58 CREWS, John W  7 Feb 1830Mississippi, USA I3097
59 DENNARD, Beulah E  16 Jul 1870Mississippi, USA I5651
60 DOBYNS, Robert M  May 1882Mississippi, USA I14813
61 DOUGLASS, Martha A  17 Mar 1840Mississippi, USA I3122
62 DUKE, Victoria  Mississippi, USA I14408
63 DUNCAN, Ethel  15 Oct 1882Mississippi, USA I511
64 ELLIS, Armstrong Spotsard  13 Nov 1812Mississippi, USA I3713
65 FRAZIER, Minerva Elizabeth  1 Nov 1840Mississippi, USA I9785
66 GREENE, Jim  Mississippi, USA I5971
67 GREENE, Mary Ida  14 Mar 1882Mississippi, USA I5967
68 GRIFFIN, Edwin L  14 Mar 1850Mississippi, USA I13269
69 HARPER, Jennie Adele  7 May 1858Mississippi, USA I497
70 HARRIS, Ida  Mississippi, USA I4541
71 HARTSFIELD, Ann J  Abt 1842Mississippi, USA I1001
72 HARTSFIELD, Blanche Walton  22 Feb 1869Mississippi, USA I525
73 HARTSFIELD, John A  Abt 1844Mississippi, USA I1002
74 HARTWELL, Edward W  Abt 1904Mississippi, USA I12980
75 HARTWELL, Helen M  Abt 1906Mississippi, USA I12978
76 HARTWELL, Sallie  Abt 1911Mississippi, USA I12979
77 HAYS, John  15 Feb 1847Mississippi, USA I9929
78 HIGGS, J D  Mississippi, USA I5480
79 HUGHES, Alice H.  4 Oct 1855Mississippi, USA I499
80 INGRAM, I N  Mississippi, USA I9530
81 JACKSON, Rosa Maude  Mar 1881Mississippi, USA I15469
82 JONES, Ada M  9 Dec 1873Mississippi, USA I1215
83 JONES, Anna D  28 Jul 1879Mississippi, USA I1557
84 JONES, Esther Lee  Abt 1872Mississippi, USA I1555
85 JONES, Harry W  28 Feb 1882Mississippi, USA I1560
86 JONES, Sallie A  21 Apr 1861Mississippi, USA I558
87 JONES, Tim  Abt 1876Mississippi, USA I1556
88 JONES, Wallace G  Feb 1884Mississippi, USA I1561
89 LAGROVE, Alice Virginia  Oct 1878Mississippi, USA I560
90 LEE, Mattie E  10 Jan 1873Mississippi, USA I11090
91 LEE, Ophelia  6 Nov 1870Mississippi, USA I12721
92 LEE, Susan N  13 Dec 1835Mississippi, USA I7348
93 LONG, Edward A  29 Oct 1864Mississippi, USA I1870
94 MANN, William Jason Jr  3 Oct 1926Mississippi, USA I15188
95 MCFARLAND, Corinne  Sep 1876Mississippi, USA I1719
96 MCFARLAND, Edward  Oct 1878Mississippi, USA I1720
97 MCFARLAND, John M  May 1848Mississippi, USA I1712
98 MCFARLAND, Lewis B  27 Aug 1857Mississippi, USA I1713
99 MCKIE, D W  Abt Feb 1860Mississippi, USA I1607
100 MCKIE, Lorena  Abt 1862Mississippi, USA I1605
101 MCKIE, Luella D  Apr 1867Mississippi, USA I1606
102 MCKIE, Nancy I  Abt 1858Mississippi, USA I794
103 MCLAIN, Mary Jane  Mississippi, USA I10991
104 MOONEY, James A  Abt 1865Mississippi, USA I3095
105 MOONEY, Josephine  Abt 1868Mississippi, USA I3096
106 MOONEY, Sarah Margaret  Abt 1863Mississippi, USA I2856
107 MOORE, Fannie  Feb 1884Mississippi, USA I14051
108 MOORE, James Robert  20 Sep 1882Mississippi, USA I9650
109 MOORE, Richard S  9 Jun 1890Mississippi, USA I14052
110 MOORE, William Edward  30 May 1858Mississippi, USA I2952
111 MOORE, Willie  28 Apr 1888Mississippi, USA I1497
112 Nason, Child  Mississippi, USA I1187
113 Nason, Fannie  Abt 1872Mississippi, USA I1179
114 Nason, G M  Nov 1883Mississippi, USA I1185
115 Nason, Hue  Abt 1876Mississippi, USA I1181
116 Nason, J T  Dec 1881Mississippi, USA I1184
117 Nason, James  Abt 1867Mississippi, USA I1177
118 NASON, John T  14 Oct 1870Mississippi, USA I1174
119 Nason, Lee  Abt 1880Mississippi, USA I1183
120 Nason, M Eurena  Sep 1868Mississippi, USA I1178
121 Nason, Nannie E  Oct 1885Mississippi, USA I1186
122 Nason, Richard  Abt 1876Mississippi, USA I1182
123 Nason, William  Abt 1874Mississippi, USA I1180
124 NEWTON, Amanda  Mississippi, USA I5972
125 NORVELL, John Elam  30 Jul 1843Mississippi, USA I13655
126 O'BANNION, Laura  24 Aug 1858Mississippi, USA I5897
127 PATTEY, Virginia  Mississippi, USA I5532
128 POWERS, Lucy  Mississippi, USA I1615
129 PURVIS, Thurman H  17 Mar 1891Mississippi, USA I12943
130 RAINBOLT, Mary Frances  Abt 1841Mississippi, USA I6577
131 RAINBOLT, Sarah Ann  11 Sep 1845Mississippi, USA I6572
132 REEDY, Harriet Virginia  7 Aug 1853Mississippi, USA I9647
133 REID, Ada Cornelia  1 Dec 1874Mississippi, USA I5968
134 RICHARDSON, Richard  Mississippi, USA I12603
135 ROSE, Bula  Jan 1870Mississippi, USA I8464
136 ROSE, James P  Jun 1875Mississippi, USA I8461
137 ROSE, Minnie  Oct 1872Mississippi, USA I8460
138 ROSS, Lucretia Ann  27 Feb 1836Mississippi, USA I1518
139 ROSS, William M  Abt 1873Mississippi, USA I13462
140 SEGREST, Hiram  27 Nov 1889Mississippi, USA I2860
141 SEGREST, Ida May  31 Oct 1885Mississippi, USA I2859
142 SEGREST, John David  11 Dec 1867Mississippi, USA I3125
143 SEGREST, Joseph Byron  30 Sep 1892Mississippi, USA I2861
144 SEGREST, Lucinda LePerl  14 Jan 1881Mississippi, USA I2857
145 SEGREST, Martha E  29 Oct 1870Mississippi, USA I3126
146 SEGREST, Sarah A  Nov 1864Mississippi, USA I3124
147 SEGREST, William Edward  24 Dec 1875Mississippi, USA I3127
148 SHANKS, J C  Mississippi, USA I3894
149 SHOTWELL, Georgia  Abt 1857Mississippi, USA I3872
150 SIMMONS, Maud  Abt 1884Mississippi, USA I5487
151 SMITH, Abraham S  Mississippi, USA I5981
152 SMITH, James Alphonso  14 Jun 1856Mississippi, USA I5979
153 SMITH, Mary  Mississippi, USA I7799
154 SOOTS, Huldie A  Mississippi, USA I5200
155 STOKES, Flemmie Georgia  17 Nov 1863Mississippi, USA I2953
156 TANNER, Hester Louise  31 Jul 1884Mississippi, USA I12091
157 TATUM, Sarah Elizabeth  4 Jul 1819Mississippi, USA I3101
158 THOMPSON, Joe Frank  14 Nov 1872Mississippi, USA I14410
159 THOMPSON, Joseph B  10 Mar 1843Mississippi, USA I14402
160 TINKLE, Rebecca  Abt 1849Mississippi, USA I15010
161 TINKLE, William Marshall  15 Jan 1847Mississippi, USA I1466
162 VEALES, Martha Jane  Abt 1847Mississippi, USA I1851
163 WALLING, Cynthia Ann  1821Mississippi, USA I7481
164 WHITAKER, Edward  26 Oct 1843Mississippi, USA I6913
165 WHITEHEAD, Eugene M  21 Feb 1883Mississippi, USA I6619
166 WIMBERLY, Matilda  24 Jul 1855Mississippi, USA I1191
167 YELVERTON, Laurinda Sue  18 Oct 1848Mississippi, USA I14403
168 YOUNG, James Beasley  13 Jan 1846Mississippi, USA I15363


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BYERS, Howard Faulkner  24 Oct 1964Mississippi, USA I502
2 DOUGLASS, Martha A  10 Jul 1916Mississippi, USA I3122
3 GARRISON, Anna Shaw  1961Mississippi, USA I4924
4 PENICK, Alemeth Byers  13 May 1863Mississippi, USA I10230
5 RAINBOLT, Samuel H  1844Mississippi, USA I6573
6 SEGREST, David Templeton  18 Aug 1912Mississippi, USA I3121


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRETT / BARNES  1835Mississippi, USA F2002