Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Pennsylvania, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 40.93011520598304, Longitude: -77.750244140625


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWERS, Hugh  Abt 1853Pennsylvania, USA I8043
2 BOWERS, Jennie  Abt 1861Pennsylvania, USA I8046
3 BOWERS, John  Nov 1827Pennsylvania, USA I8007
4 BOWERS, John  Abt 1851Pennsylvania, USA I8042
5 BOWERS, Mary  Abt 1859Pennsylvania, USA I8045
6 BOWERS, Rosina  Abt 1857Pennsylvania, USA I8044
7 CALDWELL, George Grant  7 Oct 1872Pennsylvania, USA I5047
8 CHAPPELLE, Stearns Charles  6 Nov 1901Pennsylvania, USA I11612
9 DAVENPORT, Benjamin  16 Jul 1824Pennsylvania, USA I2729
10 DAVENPORT, Charles Wesley  6 Apr 1851Pennsylvania, USA I2723
11 DAVENPORT, Charlotte L  Apr 1849Pennsylvania, USA I2731
12 DAVENPORT, Cynthia  1857Pennsylvania, USA I2732
13 DAVENPORT, Leroy B  Jul 1888Pennsylvania, USA I2726
14 DAVENPORT, Maud E  Apr 1875Pennsylvania, USA I2725
15 FORCE, William W  1847Pennsylvania, USA I2736
16 GAMBLE, Lida  10 Aug 1858Pennsylvania, USA I7428
17 GROFF, Anne  Pennsylvania, USA I1620
18 HUNTER, Mahetable Jane  10 Jan 1831Pennsylvania, USA I2730
19 KINCH, S R  Pennsylvania, USA I1619
20 KINNEY, Charles Warren  Jul 1826Pennsylvania, USA I2733
21 LECLERE, George Amandas  11 Aug 1852Pennsylvania, USA I7427
22 MCMICHAEL, Hannah Y  Abt 1830Pennsylvania, USA I8008
23 MCPHEETERS, William  28 Sep 1729Pennsylvania, USA I288
24 MOORE, Jason Harvey Jr  May 1886Pennsylvania, USA I930
25 OPIE, Catherine  Abt 1913Pennsylvania, USA I14754
26 OPIE, John Hurd  1888Pennsylvania, USA I14753
27 PECK, John H  5 Jun 1847Pennsylvania, USA I3384
28 SLEVIN, Sarah  Abt 1729Pennsylvania, USA I12411
29 WILLIAMS, Mildred  7 Jul 1883Pennsylvania, USA I14972
30 WILLIVER, Fred Herbert Sr  Pennsylvania, USA I6894