Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 37.8062214, Longitude: -79.5153773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAYNE, William A  1850Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8442
2 BREEDLOVE, Sarah Alice  1865Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8441
3 CAMPBELL, Rebecca  27 May 1811Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I1368
4 CRAWFORD, Sarah Ann  1826Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8424
5 DAVIS, Frances Lewis  31 Mar 1840Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8425
6 DAVIS, William Roscoe  8 Oct 1842Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8447
7 LOGAN, Agnes W  Abt 1834Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8421
8 LOGAN, Alexander  12 Mar 1771Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I194
9 LOGAN, Anna  1 Jun 1766Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I192
10 LOGAN, Benjamin Alexander  14 Mar 1789Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I202
11 LOGAN, Cora Virginia  11 Mar 1914Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I10137
12 LOGAN, Elizabeth Jane  23 Dec 1824Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I118
13 LOGAN, Eva Lee  18 Dec 1861Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8429
14 LOGAN, Irwin  20 Dec 1783Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I200
15 LOGAN, John  26 Dec 1767Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I161
16 LOGAN, John F  1834Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8420
17 LOGAN, Rev. Joseph Davies  1 Oct 1781Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I199
18 LOGAN, Mona Maddy  21 Sep 1906Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I10135
19 LOGAN, Robert C  Abt 1817Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8422
20 LOGAN, Samuel Wilson  1828Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8418
21 LOGAN, William  19 Mar 1787Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I201
22 MCCAMPBELL, Jane  23 Jun 1774Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I204
23 MCCOY, Sarah E  Apr 1836Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8437
24 SELPH, Emily Virginia Ann  14 Feb 1862Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I14129
25 SENSABAUGH, Lonnie Washington  6 Feb 1897Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I12674
26 WALTON, Elizabeth  1740Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CRAWFORD, Sarah Ann  27 Jun 1856Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8424
2 DAVIS, William Roscoe  16 Dec 1860Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I8447
3 LOGAN, James  19 Jun 1825Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I190
4 MOORE, James  7 Jan 1791Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I11879
5 WALKER, Jane  7 Jan 1793Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I11880
6 WALKUP, Mary Margaret  30 Mar 1859Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA I213


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAYNE / BREEDLOVE  29 Dec 1880Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F3019
2 BLACKWELL / SELPH  5 Jan 1887Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F5082
3 CARTER / LOGAN  18 Oct 1888Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F3584
4 LOGAN / CRAWFORD  17 Oct 1854Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F3011
5 LOGAN / DAVIS  14 Sep 1858Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F2867
6 LOGAN / DAVIS  2 Jun 1868Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F3012
7 LOGAN / LOGAN  18 Jul 1843Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F33
8 LOGAN / LOGAN  21 Aug 1860Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F3013
9 LOGAN / MCCAMPBELL  13 Sep 1796Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F58
10 LOGAN / SWISHER  28 Apr 1859Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F3010
11 LOGAN / TUCKER  10 Oct 1883Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F5642
12 LOGAN / WALKUP  5 Jun 1822Rockbridge Co, Virginia, USA F67