Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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South Carolina, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 33.836081, Longitude: -81.1637245


Matches 1 to 108 of 108

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Delilah  Abt 1780South Carolina, USA I11313
2 Eliza  Abt 1820South Carolina, USA I7126
3 Mariah / Marian  Feb 1820South Carolina, USA I990
4 Pollyana  Abt 1835South Carolina, USA I12120
5 ADAMS, Edgar Sheppard  25 Nov 1847South Carolina, USA I4817
6 ALLISON, David Maitland  31 Jan 1926South Carolina, USA I1329
7 ALLISON, Edward Gordon  15 Dec 1891South Carolina, USA I480
8 ALLISON, Florence Elizabeth  8 Jun 1896South Carolina, USA I481
9 ANDERSON, James MD  3 Mar 1803South Carolina, USA I519
10 ASHMORE, Richard Wayne  28 May 1886South Carolina, USA I3223
11 ASHMORE, W F  South Carolina, USA I3225
12 BAIRD, James R  15 Apr 1843South Carolina, USA I7555
13 BAIRD, John A  30 Apr 1811South Carolina, USA I9474
14 BALLENGER, John S  Abt 1846South Carolina, USA I11508
15 BALLENGER, Judith Ann  24 Oct 1834South Carolina, USA I8560
16 BALLENGER, Mahala G  10 Aug 1838South Carolina, USA I8562
17 BALLENGER, Mary Jane  13 Jul 1840South Carolina, USA I6919
18 BALLENGER, Richard L  2 Sep 1847South Carolina, USA I4155
19 BELL, Nancy C  10 Jun 1814South Carolina, USA I4939
20 BISHOP, Joel  Nov 1861South Carolina, USA I10166
21 BLAIR, Nancy Elizabeth  Abt 1847South Carolina, USA I4770
22 BONNER, Josiah  5 May 1787South Carolina, USA I8146
23 BONNER, Mary  Abt 1779South Carolina, USA I8147
24 BONNER, Thomas Jr  1779South Carolina, USA I8145
25 BRAMBLETT, Emma Lenora  5 Dec 1861South Carolina, USA I1310
26 BYERS, Almuth  28 Feb 1798South Carolina, USA I458
27 BYERS, Amory Walton  19 Apr 1802South Carolina, USA I303
28 BYERS, David Theodore  14 Jun 1899South Carolina, USA I491
29 BYERS, Edward Gordon  2 Nov 1882South Carolina, USA I484
30 BYERS, Ella Lee  2 Jul 1897South Carolina, USA I490
31 BYERS, Ernest LeRoy  15 Sep 1901South Carolina, USA I492
32 BYERS, Henry Johnston  1 Nov 1805South Carolina, USA I461
33 BYERS, John Smith  15 Apr 1887South Carolina, USA I486
34 BYERS, Josie Saye  20 Jun 1894South Carolina, USA I489
35 BYERS, Margaret Adams  26 Nov 1884South Carolina, USA I485
36 BYERS, Mary Ida  27 Sep 1880South Carolina, USA I483
37 BYERS, Samuel Hope  27 Apr 1892South Carolina, USA I488
38 CASON, William Sr  23 Sep 1804South Carolina, USA I6994
39 CHAPMAN, William H  South Carolina, USA I9545
40 COLLINS, Teresa Genevieve  6 Jun 1890South Carolina, USA I11878
41 COOPER, Mary L  5 Dec 1854South Carolina, USA I10052
42 COSPER, Beatrice  5 Aug 1819South Carolina, USA I7120
43 COSPER, Hampton Harmon  11 May 1818South Carolina, USA I7101
44 COSPER, Harmon Phillip  1766South Carolina, USA I7105
45 COSPER, James Glenn  14 Aug 1814South Carolina, USA I7100
46 COSPER, James Pleasant  20 Jul 1821South Carolina, USA I7122
47 COSPER, Mary Ann  15 Apr 1818South Carolina, USA I269
48 DITTO, Michael  1796South Carolina, USA I4929
49 DUNN, Sarah E  South Carolina, USA I3444
50 FARRIS, Elijah James  23 Dec 1850South Carolina, USA I3855
51 FERGUSON, Henderson  21 May 1815South Carolina, USA I9523
52 FRIERSON, J W S  Abt 1801South Carolina, USA I10114
53 GARRISON, Henry Parks  Between 1800-1810South Carolina, USA I256
54 GARRISON, Jeff Clark  9 Dec 1949South Carolina, USA I871
55 GARRISON, John  Abt 1797South Carolina, USA I255
56 GIBSON, William Calhoun  10 May 1834South Carolina, USA I3892
57 GRIFFIN, William M  Dec 1806South Carolina, USA I7891
58 HELDELL, Phebe  Abt 1773South Carolina, USA I7107
59 HORTON, William Taylor  1 Sep 1874South Carolina, USA I5668
60 HOWELL, W R  Abt 1842South Carolina, USA I10588
61 JENNINGS, Alexander B  South Carolina, USA I5140
62 JENNINGS, Alexander Benton  Abt 1845South Carolina, USA I4769
63 JOHNSON, Emily Hopson  1807South Carolina, USA I263
64 JOHNSON, John C  1802South Carolina, USA I5357
65 JOHNSON, Mary  1805South Carolina, USA I10906
66 JOHNSON, Roland J  1815South Carolina, USA I5360
67 JOHNSON, William C  1818South Carolina, USA I5362
68 JONES, Seburna  Apr 1834South Carolina, USA I10836
69 KELTON, Thomas  South Carolina, USA I3443
70 LACEY, William Randolph  2 Jan 1827South Carolina, USA I4487
71 LANFORD, Margret F  7 Oct 1858South Carolina, USA I5720
72 LASSETER / LASSITER, James  1814South Carolina, USA I991
73 LOGAN, Lillian / Lilias Sophia  20 Oct 1847South Carolina, USA I135
74 LYLE, Permellia  1820South Carolina, USA I11896
75 MANN, Jane A  Abt 1814South Carolina, USA I1847
76 MCDOUGAL, Jane C  21 Nov 1855South Carolina, USA I943
77 MCKIE, William M  Aug 1836South Carolina, USA I793
78 MONTGOMERY, Benjamin Franklin  4 Nov 1810South Carolina, USA I7442
79 MONTGOMERY, Benjamin Landrum  1841South Carolina, USA I8731
80 MONTGOMERY, Robert Scott  1839South Carolina, USA I8730
81 MONTGOMERY, Sarah Cornelius  13 Dec 1852South Carolina, USA I8736
82 MONTGOMERY, William C  8 Apr 1850South Carolina, USA I8735
83 MURPHY, William Ellis  South Carolina, USA I4909
84 MURRAY, John B  South Carolina, USA I11494
85 NANCE, James  South Carolina, USA I6561
86 PARKER, Hannah  Abt 1799South Carolina, USA I6161
87 PATTILLO, John David  Abt 1820South Carolina, USA I10364
88 POER, Duncan McLauren  Abt 31 Dec 1813South Carolina, USA I1336
89 POPE, Sarah Emmeline  1841South Carolina, USA I7441
90 PRESSLY, Nina  28 Feb 1895South Carolina, USA I11342
91 PRUITT, Levi Sidney  Abt 1841South Carolina, USA I9775
92 REEDY, William Jackson  Abt 1820South Carolina, USA I8943
93 REEVES, Mary J  18 Jun 1852South Carolina, USA I3856
94 REMBERT, Mary Charlotte  17 Oct 1820South Carolina, USA I7139
95 ROSS, L M  Abt 1825South Carolina, USA I12119
96 SAVAGE, Elizabeth P  2 Mar 1839South Carolina, USA I12083
97 SAVAGE, James P  South Carolina, USA I12089
98 SCRUGGS, D D  South Carolina, USA I8508
99 SCRUGGS, Thomas L  5 Aug 1831South Carolina, USA I1939
100 SMITH, Sarah Elvina  13 Dec 1818South Carolina, USA I6163
101 THOMSON, William Richard  1826South Carolina, USA I10922
102 TOLAND, Elizabeth  South Carolina, USA I6562
103 TURNER, Abner Benson  14 Jul 1832South Carolina, USA I8592
104 TURNER, Larkin  Between 1770-1778South Carolina, USA I10048
105 WADSWORTH, Martha A  12 Jun 1828South Carolina, USA I15584
106 WALLACE, William Marcellus  19 Feb 1827South Carolina, USA I6605
107 WHITLOCK, Sarah M  South Carolina, USA I12090
108 WOODS, Lorena M  Abt 1808South Carolina, USA I530


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BYERS / SLEVIN  Abt 1778South Carolina, USA F4439
2 JOHNSON / HAWKINS  South Carolina, USA F1695
3 LOGAN / MCDOUGAL  Bef Nov 1872South Carolina, USA F311