Garrison-Logan Family History & Genealogy
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Tarrant Co, Texas, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 32.7732044, Longitude: -97.3516558


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AINSWORTH, John Joseph  28 Sep 1934Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I3483
2 BRINSON, Claiborne Jackson  Mar 1873Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5108
3 BRINSON, Eliza U  29 May 1880Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5110
4 BRINSON, John Middleton  23 Nov 1874Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5109
5 BRINSON, Nancy Vienna  19 Jul 1863Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5106
6 BRINSON, Rhoda Knox  31 Aug 1869Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5082
7 BRINSON, Thomas Kinkle  11 Jan 1895Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7666
8 BURFORD, Ann E  21 Nov 1846Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7646
9 BURFORD, Claiborne Johnson  10 Aug 1851Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5113
10 BURFORD, Eliza Lutitia  10 Jan 1859Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7656
11 BURFORD, Elizabeth Jackson  21 May 1856Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5112
12 BURFORD, Louisa Hopson  4 Jun 1854Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7659
13 BURFORD, Louise Thomas  16 May 1862Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7657
14 BURFORD, Mary Lee  5 Dec 1844Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7645
15 BURFORD, Vienna E  19 Oct 1850Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7658
16 DITTO, Mamie Lee  3 Aug 1890Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5310
17 EASON, Karen Sue  20 Aug 1951Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I15295
18 JOHNSON, Fatime  1848Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5378
19 JOHNSON, Thomas Jefferson  28 Jul 1861Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5389
20 KING, Robert Charles  18 Sep 1932Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I2891
21 LOGAN, Philip Sidney  28 Sep 1936Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I2015
22 MORGAN, Billy Don  2 Sep 1931Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I13102
23 PERRY, Infant Daughter  1 Aug 1865Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7650
24 PERRY, Jettie Pearl  18 Mar 1874Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7654
25 PERRY, Joan  13 Dec 1871Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7653
26 PERRY, Solomon Ruffin  1 Aug 1865Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7651
27 PERRY, Thomas Claiborne  3 Aug 1876Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7655
28 PERRY, William Dudley  9 Sep 1861Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7649
29 SPEAR, John Harvie  25 Jun 1882Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5333


Matches 1 to 71 of 71

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ella Mae  2 Jan 1979Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I15659
2 ANDERSON, Antoinette Susan  12 Nov 1977Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I3203
3 BECKHAM, Verna  25 Feb 1989Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5004
4 BRINSON, Blanche Lucille  23 Mar 1977Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7686
5 BRINSON, Matthew Jackson  8 Oct 1901Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5084
6 BRINSON, Nancy Vienna  10 Sep 1882Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5106
7 BRINSON, Rhoda Knox  10 Mar 1892Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5082
8 BROOKS, Jewel Meyer  14 Jul 1987Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I13115
9 BROWN, Jesse Oliver  25 Apr 1983Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I8478
10 BURFORD, Ann E  10 Oct 1878Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7646
11 BURFORD, Margaret Amanda  7 Mar 1905Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7643
12 BURTON, Emily  27 Jul 1979Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I3155
13 CARPENTER, Mildred  10 Apr 1998Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I9093
14 CLARK, Eliza Aurelia  16 Jul 1891Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5353
15 COLEMAN, Madison  28 Mar 1868Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5352
16 COPLEY, Herbert  31 Dec 1958Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I15537
17 COURSE, Donald Wilfred  7 Aug 1983Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I10769
18 COX, Winifred Chester  30 Jun 1990Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I4677
19 DITTO, John  1880Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I4969
20 DITTO, Lillie Mae  14 Jun 1981Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I4972
21 DITTO, Mae A  20 May 1992Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5065
22 DITTO, Mamie Lee  6 May 1891Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5310
23 DITTO, Michael  1860Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I4929
24 DUNAWAY, William Byrne  11 Jan 1984Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I14406
25 EASON, Alton Lavelle  24 Jan 1995Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I8981
26 FRIERSON, James White Stephenson IV  29 Aug 1990Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I10111
27 GAINES, Willie Mae Elizabeth  21 Sep 1984Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I11371
28 GARRISON, Edith Carolyn  2 Jul 1984Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I3735
29 HARRIS, Coy Clyde  24 Nov 1986Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I3969
30 HARTMAN, Samuel Logan  20 Apr 1980Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I1769
31 HAYS, Martha Octavia  14 Apr 1935Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5111
32 HIGHTOWER, Edwin Connery  25 Mar 1956Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I44
33 HIGHTOWER, Ernest William Jr.  25 Apr 1970Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I919
34 HIGHTOWER, Glendora  11 Dec 1988Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I13460
35 HOLMES, Helen Lee  23 May 1981Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I1942
36 JOHNSON, Fatime  Abt 1851Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5378
37 JOHNSON, Mary Eliza  10 Aug 1906Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I4902
38 LAPP, Charles Leon  3 Jun 1991Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5271
39 LINDSEY, E Jewell  12 Feb 1989Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I3112
40 LOGAN, Jennie Lee  15 Jan 1980Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I941
41 LOGAN, Mary Sue  21 Mar 1982Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I2043
42 LOGAN, Robert McDougal  5 Jun 1981Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I954
43 MASTENBROOK, Samuel Martin  5 Feb 1984Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I2044
44 MCRIMMON, David Cloyce  6 Nov 1980Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I12129
45 MONTGOMERY, Mamie T  7 May 1982Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I8747
46 MONTGOMERY, Moss Elizabeth  14 Oct 1989Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I8710
47 MOONEY, Claudia E  30 Apr 1950Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I52
48 NEWBERRY, Eva  13 Apr 1990Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I1217
49 PARKER, Vienna  10 Nov 1859Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5354
50 PERKINS, Charlotte Ann  12 Sep 1995Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5854
51 PERRY, Infant Daughter  15 Aug 1865Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7650
52 PERRY, Napoleon Bonaparte  11 Dec 1903Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7647
53 RAY, Lois Elizabeth  9 Aug 1994Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I11213
54 READER, August Lafayette Jr  5 Apr 1981Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5853
55 READER, August Lafayette Sr  5 Jan 1988Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5852
56 REEVES, Ernest Edwin MD  3 Feb 1982Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7673
57 ROSE, Berta  20 Jun 1991Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I8469
58 ROSE, Clarence Eugene  21 Apr 1992Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I14047
59 ROSE, Everett Edleman  27 Jan 1980Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I14043
60 ROSE, Margaret Leslie  17 Oct 1995Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I8467
61 SKINNER, Evelyn  25 Jan 1997Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I10580
62 SMITH, Olive Belle  15 Oct 1987Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I11472
63 STEPH, Alma L  16 Apr 1990Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I7668
64 STRONG, Lola Beall  13 Aug 1988Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I12126
65 THRASH, Miriam Amanda  30 Jan 1949Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I4991
66 TUCKETT, Anna Helen  21 Oct 1992Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I3582
67 VANCE, Raymond Douglas  28 Dec 1990Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I15284
68 WATSON, Matilda Mervelia  28 Apr 1982Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I8465
69 WILLIAMS, Faun Lee  25 Nov 1990Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5843
70 WILLIAMS, Lois Vern  28 Oct 1979Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5842
71 WOLFE, Mabel Davis  14 May 1983Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I6019


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Thomas Jefferson  Tarrant Co, Texas, USA I5374


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRINSON / KINKLE  16 Jan 1894Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F2745
2 BRINSON / RAMSEY  11 Nov 1894Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F2750
3 COPELAND / COLEMAN  1871Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F1890
4 DITTO / BURFORD  1868Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F1752
5 DITTO / HOGAN  Abt 1933Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F3253
6 EASON / WILCHER  4 Mar 1994Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F5535
7 FEEMSTER / DITTO  19 Sep 1891Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F1871
8 GARRISON / FOSTER  8 Apr 1950Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F20
9 HAMILTON / BURFORD  Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F2742
10 HIGHTOWER / GARRISON  3 Jun 1949Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F4
11 JOHNSON / COLEMAN  1855Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F1887
12 ROGERS / GILL  21 Dec 1973Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F5286
13 UNDERWOOD / BARNETT  3 Jun 1989Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F1457
14 WARD / BEAL  30 Nov 1985Tarrant Co, Texas, USA F933