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Memories of Aunt Gwen

When Gwen Garrison Enas died in 2000 my parents (Bill and Sue Garrison - Gwen was my father's father's sister) and I went to Dallas for the funeral. I had met Gwen many years before, but had not seen her in a long time. She was the last of her generation of Garrisons to die. Her brother Verne, my grandfather, had died in 1967, so she outlived him by 33 years. We enjoyed meeting her children and grandchildren at the funeral. One of her grandchildren was learning to play the bagpipes and he played Amazing Grace for the funeral service.

I remember Gwen as being a lively lady and her family confirmed that. They told a story that I still remember. Apparently she had taken some of her grandchildren somewhere in her car and had thrown a lit cigarette out the window. No one noticed that it blew into the back seat. They got back home and put the car in the garage. Sometime later H.C. went out to go somewhere and when he opened the car the interior burst into flames. H.C. was o.k. but apparently the car wasn't. Don't know if this induced Gwen to quit smoking, but in any case she must have had good genes, since she smoked for many years and still lived to be 98. Her life almost covered the 20th century. It must have seemed like quite a ride.

Owner/SourcePreston Garrison
Date20 Nov 2011
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