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Baseball and Rumble Seats

Memories of being a young boy in the 1930's

1935 BaseballI must have been about twelve when we visited Uncle Carl Garrison and Nina in New Mexico. He played first base on a minor league team. At the game the spectators were riding him hard from the stands. I took it very personally and tried to stand up for him That made it even worse. I could not believe it when he and my dad were laughing about it in the car on the way home. After all the indignity the family name had suffered, they were laughing. I was further crushed.

Their sister was Gwendolyn, or Gwen who married H. C. Enas, a lifelong employee of Texas Electric. After his retirement they moved to a home on Cedar Creek Lake, and after his death she moved to Houston, where she died at age 97. They had three children, Carolyn and twins, Don and Dianne. Dianne died as a young woman. Don lives in Sugarland near Houston, and Carolyn Threadgill, a widow lives near Austin with one of her sons.

Rumble SeatI remember Gwen before she married. She bought a car, a Model “T” or Model “A” Cabriolet, a one seater with a “rumble seat.” When my dad took her out to teach her to drive, Howard and I went along in the rumble seat. That was a big deal. The rumble seat normally folded closed but could be opened to accommodate two passengers who could enjoy the wind and open air.

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